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3D Landscape Design Services

Johnson Conceptual Landscape Plan

Conceptual Landscape Plan

One trip will be made to the site to gather site data, e.g. elevation/grade, measurements. A laser level and 3D camera will be utilized to provide accurate data.

The Conceptual Landscape Plan has easy to decipher colors, along with notes calling out the various elements of the design.

The Conceptual Landscape Plan also comes with a tag calling out each plant with colored photos of each.

Johnson Landscape Plan

Landscape Plan

Once the Conceptual Landscape Plan is approved, construction drawings will be created, starting with a Landscape Plan.

The Landscape Plan will have all the necessary information for the Landscape Installer complete with: plant placement, size and details, as well as hardscape and other required information.

The Homeowner will also have plant information and care instructions included with the Landscape Plan.

Johnson Irrigation Plan 2D

Irrigation Plan

As part of the Construction Drawings, an Irrigation Plan will be developed.

Dining Room 3D Illustration

3D Illustration

We can provide 3D illustration for any part of a property, inside and out. View our portfolio for some examples of previous work.

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