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Let Us Create Your Dream 3D Design

We love creating 3D virtual designs that push the boundaries of what seems possible.

3D Illustration & Design

At SubD Graphics & Design, we envision a superior approach to 3D design, modeling, and illustration. We acknowledge that the power of contemporary technology could be harnessed to diminish time spent on physical surveys and increase the time dedicated to crafting intricate designs. We also comprehend the benefits of visualizing a model in photorealistic detail, akin to taking a snapshot of the finalized project in the future. The days of a single design leading to multiple interpretations due to a lack of visual clarity are behind us.

However, we understand and respect the importance of human interaction. Should a client prefer a face-to-face meeting, we are entirely prepared. But if virtual meetings via Google Meet are more suitable for the client, they are perfectly acceptable for us at SubD Graphics & Design.

There will be situations where on-site measurements are essential for capturing detailed elevations or precise metrics that may be integral to a design with stringent tolerances. In such instances, SubD Graphics & Design will conduct a concise 20-minute visit to gather all necessary photos and measurements using sophisticated 3D cameras and laser measurement tools.

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